COVID-19 our response

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COVID – 19, our response 20/03/2020 to 31/05/2020

In light of growing risks with the health pandemic, the trustees made the decision to close the doors on our office based service from Friday 20th March, in order to protect our clients, our volunteers and our staff. Since then we have been working remotely to build a system of support to allow our work to continue under these challenging circumstances.
For a service where 100% of our counselling was delivered face to face, this has been quite a task. Here you can see some of our achievements.

COMMUNICATION, we had 48 team briefings, we made offers of support to 362 service users, we made 181 calls to our volunteers.

DATA, 68 forms and templates were created, 35 different people were regularly inputting data into our system, over 4000 data entries were collated.

PEOPLE, we had 23 active volunteer counsellors, who were supporting 64 clients, and 28 new referrals were processed.

SUPPORT, we made 399 support calls, we provided information on 60+ services, we responded to 100% of enquiries.

FUNDING, we submitted 8 applications for funding, 3 applications were successful, £42,626.08 funds were achieved (combined donations and successful applications) Expenditure in this period was £35,774.46