How To Refer

It can be a daunting experience the first time you make contact, but we believe that the benefits you can experience here will make it worthwhile.

Most people contact us directly and refer themselves, but referrals can be made through a GP or other professional.


Our Referral Process

Click on our referral link, phone, email or contact us via the website. You will be placed onto our waiting list the day we receive your referral.

This is a short meeting to get to know a little more about you, talk through what we offer and how it may be of help.

You will then begin with your counsellor, meeting at the same time each week.

Your counselling will come to an end at a time agreed by your counsellor, or when you have reached the maximum of 20 sessions.


For those who wish to return to the service, we ask that you wait at least one month before contacting us to re-refer. This will allow time for you to reflect on the experience and identify the new focus for counselling.

Faster Flexible Service

We offer a small proportion of our appointments as faster flexible appointments for a fixed fee of £45 per session for individuals. We aim to see you within two to three weeks of your first contact with us.

Finding enough funding to keep the service going remains a constant challenge. By having a proportion of appointments available for a fixed fee, it provides us with some financial stability as a service and allows us to continue providing the majority  of our appointments without charge. We recognised that there are people who are willing and able to pay the set fee for counselling, and by providing this service at Cairns, they can access counselling for themselves knowing that they are supporting a charity to help many others.