Annual Report 2019-20

The Cairns team, trustees, staff and volunteers are committed to Cairns’ work to help and support people at times of difficulty and vulnerability.


FULL 2019-20 Cairns Counselling annual report – DOWNLOAD HERE

Looking back at my report at the last AGM, it is hard to believe it is only just over a year since then. So much has happened within the organisation, within the world, that it seems a lifetime away.

I am happy to report that our plans to move offices to allow expansion of the service, using a generous legacy, have been completed. New staff have been employed. A huge debt of gratitude is due to Brian Miller for taking on the project management so professionally. Without him, I’m not sure how we could have contemplated such a large undertaking, certainly within such a modest budget. He also put us in touch with a very competent property consultant who identified the property most suited to our needs and budget and who also put in time and effort beyond that contracted to see the project through.

These are in Migvie House, North Silver Street, on the ground floor. These were modified in budget, and, only slightly delayed, Cairns moved in on Valentine’s Day. However, the move, the smooth transition from Huntly street to Migvie house, with no loss of client time, could not have happened without the efforts put in by all the staff of Cairns for which we are hugely grateful, particularly our Office Manager who had a real baptism of fire. Particular praise, however, must be reserved for our Service Manager, who not only planned the whole move brilliantly, but put in a Trojan effort to see it through to a successful completion.

Just as we were looking forward to enjoying the new space, and tackling our waiting list with increased capacity, Covid struck. Again the staff under our Service manager’s guidance rose to the occasion, developing effective but safe home working, including new ways of reaching out to those requesting support. Training in telephone and on line counselling skills for counsellors was identified and undertaken, ensuring that those in need were not left alone. New systems were developed for data collection and safe, secure storage. Physical changes to the new offices needed to comply with Covid regulations have been carried out, and we are tiptoeing our way back towards face to face counselling.

Dr J. Repper
Chairman of the Trustees